Need Help in creating a tag system

Hi guys, appreciate if can help me on this. Kindly refer to the screenshot below.
How should I proceed if i would like the repeating group below to show the tags that I chose. The tags is in option set, not in DB.

Currently the repeating group only can display one tag. When I chose the next tag, it will overwrite the previous one. I wanted the RG to show all the tags that I chose . Hopefully someone can assist

Check your field type, It need to be a Text (List of Texts)

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Hi @yanqi ! :wave:

Where/How are you displaying your tags? If you want to be able to select them, I suggest you to use a Multiselect Dropdwown component. This component allows you to show and select multiple things… Bubble have one, but you need to install it through your plugin panel.

If you want to display the selected tags in a Repeating Group, you will need a Repeating Group (text type) where the Source is the list of itens you selected in this Multiselect Dropdwown.

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