Need help in filtering by dates

Test version :

My goal is to pick a date range and display the data on the repeating table. To be specific, if I select nov 1 to november 15, the data on the repeating table must display only those modified within nov 1 - 15. I followed a sample from one of the topic forums but it seems to not work.

Help from anyone would be appreciated so much. Thank you in advance.

Hi rowena,
it looks pretty good.

However, if you always use display list: data source: “RG mytables list of mytables: filtered.”
Every time you filter, the list will be reduced, hence it will eventually not work.

Instead: use the same data source as the repeating group eg: Current user’s my tables or Do a search for mytables.
You can also save the first list that has not been filtered yet in a state, on page load. Then when you click “Go” you use "Repeating Group’s State (a list of mytables): filtered with the conditions. But never change the state. Below example is with my datatype categories.


You may also want to use the <= instead of < date.

hope this helps.
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Hi! Thank you for your help. I really, really appreciate your response.

I tried changing to = instead of < but it didn’t work, it wasn’t pulling up anything on the repeating table. I changed it back to this :

It is updating the repeating table but only following the start value :

So as you can see from above, I selected data from 19th - 21st, but it is only showing 19th.

Again, thank you in advance.

hi rowena,

after further thinking, this is probably as the filtered search is looking for values that satify both conditions individually. Instead you want an “And” condition.
Therefore within filtered, select: advanced then enter the following:

Hope this works, otherwise pm me, happy to jump on a quick call.

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Hi Julius,

It is working now :

Thank you so much for helping! It’s awesome to get help almost immediately!!! I super appreciate this!