How do I, trigger POST API from a button?

Hey guys absolutely love this community! Need help. I want to be able to hit aa button in Bubble my bubble app to trigger my post API. I used API connector and setup my Calls correctly and 100% worked when initializing. I is post and want it to carry out an action on a different platform. How would i go about doing this? :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding correctly, you may need to change the “Use As” setting to Action rather than the default Use as Data. This is in your call settings in the API Connector.

Using as action will make this call available as an action option in workflows (under Plugins with the call name you gave it in the API Connector).

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Thank you so much!!!
Quick question, i want to pass a value from an Input on my app that a customer can type a number into then use that dynamic value in my API parameter value to pass through. How would i add a dynamic value to API value?

Uncheck the “private” checkbox in the API Connector settings for that particular parameter in the call. The field will become available in the action settings for you to insert a dynamic value.


Thank youuuu! You are so helpful. :grinning:

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