Need help making invoice system with bubble

Does anyone know how to make a invoice system because I can’t tell if I did the data types right and can’t seem to find a video who to.

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Well I ment with bubble

well… it depends on what features/functions you want. invoice system is very vague.
I linked those two articles to give you some understanding of what data it might need & find another resource outside of this forum (& bubble) to help you when designing ui/database.

Hi Billy… I have an invoice system in Bubble. I have created:

  1. Invoice data type - with fields like Amount Invoiced, Amount Unpaid, Owed By, Description, Date.
  2. Payment data type with fields like Amount Received, Paid By, Amount Unallocated, Date.
  3. Allocation data type, which relates some or all of a payment to an invoice. That has fields such as Invoice, Payment, Amount.

It is quite some “programming” to get it all relating correctly… I’m on v3 and about to get it right… but well worth the effort.

Good luck,

Ok thanks

Do you think you have data type pictures to help me?


Hi there @wcturner7

Thanks for your message. I don’t really have any more information available than I have explained. I think any more would be to give you my complete design which I don’t feel ready to do right now,and I don’t have in diagramatical form anyway. I think if you have your own deep knowledge of how you want you accounting system to operate, then the data types and their structure will become clear to you. What I can say is that an invoicing and payment system is no mean feat… it took me 3 goes to get it almost right! So I expect it will take you some thought and effort… which is a big part of the fun of designing with Bubble!

Good luck with it all…


do you think I can send you pictures if I’m doing the data types right?


Looks like a good start! I also have a separate data type called allocation which relates how much of the payment is allocated to an invoice, and an “amount allocated” field in the payment. Then you can allocate one payment to multiple invoices and deal with over payments.
Then you also need to consider refunds, payment methods, fees to PayPal or Stripe, and cancelled orders.

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