Need help regarding Branch Name Issue

While using the new version control system, I created a branch called “usability” from the Main branch. However, when I checked the URL, it appeared as “version-52hi” instead. Is there a specific reason for this? Additionally, I’m experiencing difficulties in sending and retrieving data from the database within this branch.

Hey @Mahrukh,

Regarding the unique ID in the URL: Version control - Bubble Docs

Thanks! This update is because of the new version control system? because previously we were using the branch name in the URL.


Thanks for all the help. I will debug the rest and will ask you if there is any issue.

What workarounds did you do?

I currently can’t use the custom branch to test new changes I am developing without having issues because of the usage of the branch name.

What about the branch slug hinders development? I’m not sure if this was intended or a bug so if it’s a development blocker, send a request into support maybe?

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