Introducing Bubble’s New Version Control

Today, we’re excited to announce Bubble's relaunch of version control! For over a decade, we’ve been building the most powerful and scalable no-code platform. Our new version control system is here to deepen our commitment to scalability and empower you to grow your team and business from your first customer to the millionth (and beyond). Read more about it in the full blog post!

  • If you are on the Scheduled Tier, you will not see this feature show up until you get the latest Bubble code tomorrow at 9am est.
  • If your app has at least one active development version, you will have the opportunity to manually update to the new version control system in the version control dropdown panel

    Bubble’s new Version Control is a system teams can use to build, collaborate, merge, and deploy with confidence.

    When building on Bubble, we know the importance of transparency and reliability.

    That is why we drew from the software industry’s tried-and-true best practices with the goal of making collaboration as streamlined as possible, so your team can divide and conquer without the worry of stepping on each others’ toes.

    There are over 2 million users building on Bubble. More and more, teams are turning to Bubble to build and ship products faster and ultimately save costs. Collaboration looks different everywhere, but we know visibility into work streams and coordination across moving parts are important no matter what. As you scale, version control is here to guide you through it all:

    Note: Basic version control capabilities are available on all paid plans and include the ability to create savepoints and restore your branch. The following new Premium version control capabilities are only available on higher-tier plans.

    Branch Tree Visualization

    Create branches to break down your project into independent parts, so you can safely make changes without impacting other parts of the project.

    The branch tree lets you:

  • Easily navigate between moving parts of your project
  • See where branches came from and how they relate to each other
  • Know when a branch was last edited and who last edited it - all in real time
  • Teams can help keep each other informed by adding a branch description to capture important information such as the scope of work covered in that branch.

    Main and Hotfix Branches

    The Main branch and hotfix branch are two new branch types to help you exercise control and flexibility when you need it.

  • Main branch: helps to streamline deployment coordination and ensure that the right work is deployed
  • Hotfix branch: gives you the flexibility to make urgent bug fixes or time-sensitive changes without needing to deploy or undo work in Main that is not ready yet
  • Guided Merge Flow & Conflict Resolution

    The new guided merge flow takes you through the steps of merging work from one branch into another branch. You can use the new conflict resolution UI to resolve conflicts one-by-one, or resolve all conflicts in favor of one branch on a page-by-page basis. The guided merge flow gives you the opportunity to preview changes with each step of the merge flow, and if you’re not happy with what you see, you can cancel the merge without any consequences. This removes the hassle and complication of restoring to a previous savepoint to undo a merge.

    If you’re looking to streamline collaboration on Bubble and break down complex projects into more manageable parts, look no further than Bubble’s new version control system. With version control, we wanted to take the guesswork out of your development process so you can spend more time building incredible businesses and technology.

    And that has always been our goal here at Bubble. We are on a mission to enable anyone to be a software creator. We build features to address the challenges that teams face as they scale because we’ve experienced those same challenges as we’ve scaled. People say to build products that you’d use yourself, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Version control has been a game-changer for our internal development team building the Bubble website, and we hope the same will be true for you!

    What’s next?

    We’re excited to share the next set of version control features our team is already working on for this year:

  • Branch changelog: explore past changes that have been made to a branch
  • Savepoint preview: check what a savepoint looks like before restoring your branch
  • Branch permissions: grant different access levels to project collaborators
  • Merge requests: gives you the option to protect the Main branch by requiring explicit merge approval from a teammate via a request process
  • Get more resources in the full blog post!

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    Such an awesome update!!

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    Yaah! this is greeeeaaaaat!




    @nickc Amazing! Really looking forward to it.

    We’ve tried it in one project and already love it!



    We have been waiting for this. So awesome!!! Thank you.


    Awesome stuff, great upgrade guys


    This is great! :rocket:


    Huge! :rocket:

    Great news, Development process with Bubble now extremely professional.


    Way to go, team! Huge milestone


    Niceeeeeee !!! Love it <3


    Wicked update! Keep it up Bubble!


    This is huge thank you! The prior version control system had issues with making major multi page changes like a whole app UI/DB structure overhauls, when merged many items broke and bubble support teams only recommended prior version control system for smaller changes to manage apps or feature additions.

    Is this still the case?


    This looks great, and very much needed.

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    UI, documentation, and videos are excellent. Thanks!

    Minor gripes with the hide/show pane:

    1. click on a button on top of the screen
    2. slow animation to show
    3. pane covers the entire right side of my editor
    4. click on a button all the way in the bottom to close

    The components is like this, too.
    no bueno.


    REALLY COOL! but how do I preview now?

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    This is revolutionary. Thankssss

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    So glad to hear you like the UI and educational materials! Our team introduced the ability to close the side panel by clicking anywhere outside of the panel. We hope this UX is more user-friendly!

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    This is exciting. Go Team Bubble


    Awesome! Love it…