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A button to add all the data of a repeting group

I have a repeting group with button on each of the rows to add the data to another table.
Is it possible with a back end workflow that all the buttons are clicked automatically?

I failed to insert the data by other means.

Can you help me ?

Hi :wave:

You can “run a workflow on a list” and choose this repeating group’s list…

Hi and thank you for your answer.
Your proposal is to send the data without going through the button?
I tried but I have inputs which are not part of my initial data and therefore I cannot.
I don’t know if that’s understandable enough for you.

Have one button outside of the RG. When that button is clicked it sends the RG’s list to a backend workflow that processes all the data.

this is what I wanted to do initially but I have a data connection problem. for example I have a dropdown that is not in a table. and this type of data I cannot transfer them. but it works when the button is on the RG row.

Something doesn’t sound right. I’d have to see how you have it set up.

I have configured in several ways but it never works correctly. I have to put as source CSV_imports which is the partial source of my RG, and I want to write in a “METRAGE” table.

Now I understood…

So, you can achieve this using a plugin to read the data inside your repeating group rows.

Check the “Repeating Group Tools”:

Plugin here:

thanks, I actually tried this plugin but I am having the same problem

@rpetribu Hi Rafael,

I finally managed to configure with the RG Data plugin but it puts all the lines in one cell. I don’t understand. In addition this plugin shifts all the design. Do you also have the problem?

Capture d’écran 2022-01-04 à 19.28.22

Hi! @jpma !

Can you provide more info about your workflow?
Anyway, I think the problem is the fact that you are creating a single thing, and saving the list as a unique result inside “Categorie” and “Etage”.

What you should do is to create a custom backend workflow (let’s call it “Creation”) and use the action “Schedule API workflow on a List” in order to be able to create as many things as your repeating group’s rows.

What you mean??

Thank you for your answer.
That’s what I did at the start, create a WF backend. but i fail … when you say create single thing i think this is where i must make a mistake.

As for the design, when I put RG Extract, it directly shifts the repeting group to me, but it must be a mistake on my part if you have not noticed that.
I put surface as optional because it is digital and I cannot take the selection without making a sum.

an idea ?

Again this evening, I just did (very) many unnecessary tests. I can’t achieve anything.

The data is not pushed into my table “METRAGE” at all
I’m starting to lose hope.

Can you share the link of your editor so I can take a look for you?
(For this, go to General and change the Application Rights to “Everyone can view”)

Or send me via private message your credentials…