Need help scheduling an API for dates

i’ve been working on this task for far too long now and have made progress, but have nothing definitive. Here’s what I have:
I have a “notifications” area for each user, which displays notifications relevant to that user. Each user has multiple of type “Licenses” that each have individual expiration dates.

I want:

I want to create a notification that displays on the users notifications area and warns when the expiration date is within 30 days of expiration.

I’ve been able to create the notification if I choose “:item#” but I want to try and make it dynamic. If I use :item# then i’ll have to make multiple workflows which seems heavier than need be.

Hey @christianszadyr, here’s how I’d accomplish this:

Trigger the action to schedule API workflow in the same workflow that creates the license (or modifies its expiry date).

Your screenshot may just be demonstrating a test, but it look like you’re triggering from page load which is not what you want. You’ll end up with a bunch of identical notifications that get created when that 30 day warning date comes around… Because a new one will be scheduled every time you load the page.

By scheduling from the moment the license is created, you’re already making this dynamic since it passes the single license each time.

Hope this makes sense!

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@romanmg that’s a really good idea! That was going to be my next problem to solve was determining how to make it not post a notification every time the page is loaded lol.

I’m wondering if you know a way to have the ‘scheduled date’ be dynamic? Currently, if I take away the ’ :item# ’ away, it creates an error because the dates are on a list. (see pic)

Since the user may have up to 5 licenses to track expiration dates for, I’d have to make 5 api workflows and 5 corresponding workflows to create a notifcation for each license. Is there a way to condense that down into a single workflow?

It’s kind of confusing to explain so I hope that makes some sense. But thank you for the first idea! I’ll implement that today