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I’ve really been struggling to get my app recognized by the search engines. I’ve read through all the posts on SEO in the forum and have implemented all the suggestions, but no luck.

I’m to the point where I could use some (paid) mentoring time on the phone with an SEO expert, and preferably someone who’s got Bubble/SEO experience. If you believe you can help, please shoot me a DM. Thanks!

  • joey

I am not an SEO expert by any means and just getting into it myself, but have you considered turning those cards on your homepage into content (full-blown blog articles) to help drive domain authority and maybe backlinks (aside from internal backlinks) if someone likes and picks up your article on Mentally Healthier Kids (as an example).

Hi Joey,

feel free to PM me if you still need help. There are a few things that you need to pay attention to when using Bubble, so that it’s SEO friendly.


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Yes, thanks - that’s a good idea. But as things stand right now I think there might be something wrong with my site. I would think I could get Google to rank it highly enough if the exact words “Sports With Friends Game” were searched, but no go. I’m hesitant to start making a bunch of content changes if I can’t even get a hit on it’s exact name. I’m considering a name change just to overcome this issue, but I would still like to better understand the root causes of the problem.

Has Google indexed your site at all?

The way you can know this is via Google Search Console. Set that up if you haven’t. (You will learn some web development stuff along the way! Hooray!)

@joeyg Adding another helpful tool, Lighthouse - Chrome Web Store (you can access it from dev tools as well)

It will guide you towards google’s best practices.

But I’m with @keith , the most important will be indexing from the search console and managing redirects correctly, if you are migrating a site.

Hi, some free advice…

  • As others have said, get yourself set up on Google search console to see whether Google has indexed your site, and if not, request that they do so.
  • One simple observation: it will be difficult to rank on “Sports With Friends Game” when you don’t have that phrase in your website text.
  • In its current form, Bubble isn’t best for SEO. You’ve probably seen discussed in the forum that some people who depend on SEO use a SEO-friendly platform for the public facing site, and then use Bubble for the database-driven “app” side.
  • Getting ranked is a lot more than just tweaking your site – to get Google to like your site, you need to produce a lot of content that Google and visitors like and also have a keyword strategy. This course on LinkedIn was a big help to me: Leveraging the power of search to accomplish your business goals (

I’ve really been struggling to get my app recognized by the search engines.

Your site is indexed by both Google and Bing already, so I’m not sure what more recognition you want or expect at this stage…

I assume you’re asking more about ranking… so what is your current SEO strategy for your site (assuming you have one)?..

Your site has virtually no content, only a single (low-quality) backlink, and a MOZ DA score of 1 (the lowest possible score), so you’re very unlikely to rank for anything until you have a solid SEO strategy in place, and implement it over a period of months.

I would think I could get Google to rank it highly enough if the exact words “Sports With Friends Game” were searched, but no go.

Have you seen the competition for that search-term? - most of the results on page 1 of Google have domain authority scores above 90, so you’ve got a lot of work to do to outcompete those sites, and you’re competing against sites that have anything to do with sports and games, which include some pretty big players (not trying to put you off, just making you aware of the size of the task at hand)…

SEO is a long-term traffic strategy (results take months to years) and requires a well thought-out and consistent plan before you can start hoping to see increased rankings…

Publish regular high-quality content, that’s both engaging and sharable, and start reaching out to high domain authority sites in relevant niches to start building your back-links. (try things like blogger outreach, guest posts, surveys/studies, interviews, and other types of digital PR)…

Make sure your technical (on-page) SEO is on-point, and maybe add some structured data markup as well, to help improve search visibility…

One you start getting high quality backlinks, and start building your presence with engaging content, you should see your rankings improve within 6-12 months… but you’ll need to track everything regularly to make sure your efforts aren’t going to waste…


Thanks Adam et al for the direct feedback. Although I have good technical proficiency when it comes to development, I’m an absolute newbie when it comes to SEO. Silly me - I had no idea it was so complicated.

To be clear, I’m not trying to dominate the SEO space for searches like “new fantasy sports game”. I realize that’s a long ways out. But I would like people to be able to simply find the game by name. Given the generic words and slash in Sports W/Friends, I’m worried that I can spend a ton of time trying to fix the site, add more content, etc. and it still won’t come up when people search on the name. What if I took a different strategy and renamed my game and url with a term that’s not a word and doesn’t appear anywhere else (lame example off the top of my head: - merging of bet and speculate). If you search for “beculate”, hardly anything comes up because it’s not even a word. If I were to rename the game and move to the new URL, do some of the basic things already listed like meta tags, site map, register with google, get it indexed, etc., would Google list the site first because I’d have a site name match on the search term and really the only site that uses the word? Finally, if I were to do this, would Bubble still be an obstacle with this strategy or should I use a more SEO friendly platform to make the landing page?

Thanks again to all who are helping here.

FWIW - even a unique term will take some time, so don’t let it get you down if beculate doesn’t rank right away.

My first site was testing a fintech niche and I chose a unique Norwegian term. It still took about 6-10 decent blogs, a little bit of quora work (maybe an hour total…), and I was lucky to get a couple organic backlinks to a helpful/educational blog article with nothing to do with the sale of my product (to get a search of my term to rank me up there on page).

Best of luck and just know it takes time!

This is not what’s happening in the OP’s case. Their site doesn’t even mention “Sports with Friends Game” (they render it as “sportsW/friends” or some shit). There’s literally no help to provide here, Good Samaritans. Also, site is creepy.

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