Need help showing real time repeating group list

Hey there,

I trying to build the chat in two separate groups, one for showing with 'who you talking to:contains(two repeating groups the same fields to avoid deleting for each other (user1,user2)), and one for the user selected chat conversation contains (repeating group between users).

there is the another repeating group, every cell has a chat button, once clicked it will create a new chat with “who i am talking to” list.
**After i created a chat(condition: search for chat users in the database that has the same values:count is “0”).

then i click on the chat button to show with 'who i am talking to… the problem is that its not showing my created real time until i refresh the page.**
the repeating group of ‘who i am talking to’ dynamic is: search for chat users contains current username.

my repeating groups works correctly expect the repeating group of the chats not showing directly and real time listing, What is the reason things like that happens ?

I forget to mention that if i deleted the condition, the problem solved but this is not what i want, I dont want to create double items.

Have you fixed it? Can you help me? I have a similar issue How to refresh your repeating group in random order when clicking a logo

Hello dear,
Unfortunately i still facing the same problem, I think the issue is related with the operator and we need to use instant messages connected to fast database that connected to current real time database.
Its popular issue by the way and occurs a lots, for sure i dont accept this… I will resolve the issue and give you all details needed to solve yours…

Do you need any other help related with developing the chat workflow?