Need help team as I am sort of new ;P

Hey everyone, how are we all?

Just wondering if anyone could give advice or direct me to a tutorial on how to do this…

I have trainers (users) who can signup clients (other users) and then trainers can design programs for the clients. I followed the Udemy clone to get all this setup and it’s working great but I would like to add the feature for the trainers to add premade things to their program.

So like, if I (admin) made up a food log and wanted to give the trainer the option to add this premade food log to their program they are making, how would I do that?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey @pattokane :wave:

I would suggest adding your own data into the program fields you already created. Just add one more field in the program called ‘pre-made’ as a ‘yes/no’ field. Then you can mark yours as ‘yes’ and make those visible to your trainers with privacy settings. Then you can allow them to choose which ones they want to copy. Then you just copy your ‘pre-made’ template over to their data a a new thing. Just mark the copied one as ‘pre-made’ = ‘no’ when they copy it.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hey mate, how are you?

I was going to tag you but couldn’t remember your tag lol

Ummmm I think that makes sense, I will give it a shot and in our next session, we can see how I did.

So just so I am understanding it.

Make a new thing inside my programs (pre-made) and that is a field (yes/no). For me it is preset to yes and then make them visible to the trainer (add checkbox when trainer is making program). Then create a new thing (for the trainer).

Am I understanding that?

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No worries. My tag is @J805

I think you got it, I can double check for you in your next session if need be. :blush:

I think you got the right idea though. :raised_hands:

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Awesome, I’ll put it together and see what I come up with if I don’t end up in hospital from my brain having a melt down :frowning:

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You can do it! :raised_hands:

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When I make the food logs up can I do them as a popup or reusable element or something like that?

Or should it just be another page?

Ohhh or is it made up in “element templates”?


You can use a popup if you would like. If they are your pre-made ones, you can even have an admin page where you just make them from there yourself. :blush:

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Ohhhhhhh so if I had an admin page I could design my own programs for trainers and have an option for them to just run automated program? Instead of making their own?

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Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. :blush:

Mind blown, I will build an admin page right now so in our next session we can strategize

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So I just make a normal page and set it to only admin can review or access, then make a new “user type” and all content on their in admin stuff?

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@pattokane Awesome. Yeah. You got it. That’s what I do. :blush:

Sick man. Thank you for your help.

FYI I have booked you twice next week (4hours all up) as we have just gone into further lockdown and the government is paying me for my losses so they are paying for your coaching lol

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I really want to smash this out and learn all I can

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Awesome. Sounds good. :laughing:

Looking forward to working together on your project again! :blush:

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Ok, so I have made up an admin and a way for them to sign in to “create new admin” and then created a admin page. Will I need to make them a “admin Profile” just like I have trainer profiles and client profiles?

You can do that, if it’s just for yourself, you can just make a way for you to access it only. Up to you. :blush:

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