Need help to manipulate date

Hello friends!
I’m not good at English but I hope you can understand me well…
I have a calendar element on my page and a visual element (text) which displays the selected date.
Now, I added two icons (+ and -) .
What I want to do is to make
-the icon + add one day (+1day) to the current selected date
-And the icon - do the inverse
But I’ve tried lot of things in vain.
I need help please :pray:

Hi there, @LordBriand… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to do what you described by using a custom state with a state type of date.

When a date is selected from the calendar element, run a workflow that sets a custom state to the selected date. Also, set the text element’s value to the custom state. Then, when the plus icon is clicked, run a workflow that sets the custom state to its current value +(days): 1, and when the minus icon is clicked, set the state to its current value +(days): -1.

Hope this helps.