Need Help urgently with Bubble chart Plugin

Hello Bubblers! i need help urgently on an app i am working on. i want to plot temperatures in a line graph using bubble chart. my data is like this

i want to be able to search for temperature records using Hospital Number as constrain. then group the search result by date of modification and plot each individual temerature record on a line graph. This is what i have done so far

But my graph is showing the count of the temperature rather than the actual temperature recorded

Kindly assist me how to go about this. Thanks

Hi there @abdullahi.alfa,

I think you’ll want to look into your value expression property.

Thanks for the response. But could you clarify what you mean by value expression property?

Oh I get it. But that value is only giving me one option which is what I am aggregating by. Under the aggregation there is no option that allow me to display individual temperature readings. Rather the options are count, sum, average…