Need help user profile

hello bubblers
i want to set up my user profile page so that a user’s timeline/lists of posts they have made is also displayed on the same page. so i have a repeating group for that set to current page user but the users posts are not showing. how do i set up the datasource of the RG TO ?

also i have a follow system which is perfectly working, however when user clicks follow button it only updated the following field. how can i set up this so that the reverse action followed by field is also updated at the same time ?

you could use 'current page user’s posts or parent group users posts, im not sure how you are determining the profile page user. but however you determine it just reference that user.

or you can do a search for posts, created by whoever or do a search for user’s posts.

when follow button is clicked, make changes to current user following: add whatever user,
make changes to whatever user followed by: current user.


i copy pasted pastel messaging to my app but its now working like a group chat, whereas when i was running it alone it was offering one on one messaging. And now its giving an error in the debug saying wrong password. My user password field is inbuilt so how can i sort this out ?

try undo then, before any big changes i like to make a development deployment, & later revert if things go oopsy.
I use “messages” in this app if you want to take a look.

im suspecting this…pastel assigns a temporal password to user upon page loading, my app already has a sign up and login system of its own so how do i incoporate pastel without having to create another password?

disable that workflow maybe
Its probably just for demo purposes.

is there a way i can make pastel a one to one messaging app ?