$$ Need help, will pay $35AUD per hour

Hey i need help finishing my app i probably need 1-2 hours on a video chat to help me with the remain database things and backend workflows i left to the end that i had trouble with myself.

I’m on Australia time.

Here is a google chat link. Anyone feel free to jump in and start helping me (sitting here waiting :slight_smile: )


Here is a google chat link. Anyone feel free to jump in and start helping me. https://meet.google.com/rst-hmum-mkd

Feel free (obviously), @jessefarquhar48, to ignore this question, but I’m super curious to know if posting a google meet link in your thread and having “random” folks click it actually got you the help you need. The approach is certainly an interesting one, if you ask me, so again, I’m just curious… did it work?

Nope. Was worth a shot.

People are very willing to help on bubble by replying but it seems not so much with realtime screen sharing which is a shame because it would save me weeks of development time. I guess people prefer not to commentate via the spoken word in preference for the written.

As I’m sure you know, there are plenty of coaching-related services out there, but they aren’t cheap, and the pricing of some of them is downright absurd.

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For me, An experienced bubbler, doing live builds/fixes while streaming is nerve wracking often. I simply don’t like it though I’m confident enough to do them. I imagine a lotta folks on here are constrained my time and language barriers too.

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Yeah that’s was i was thinking too.

Hey @jessefarquhar48 ,
I can help you. I am available to chat via zoom or google meet.


I don’t think the going rate of approx $100 USD/hour is absurd.

You get what you pay for, and if you want someone experienced who can fix something quickly and also train you, I feel you need to pay for it.

The coaching I got when I first started my Bubble journey was one of the best investments I ever made.


I don’t think $100/hr is absurd, either. Heck, my own rate is $75/hr to $125/hr, depending on the project.

I was talking about some of the services I have seen cropping up over the past year or so. I won’t call any of them out, of course, but some of these folks are straight-up delusional.

You are definitely right that you get what you pay for. That being said, one of the things I worry about for the Bubble ecosphere is that there are plenty of folks out there who are charging a premium rate and who have no idea what they are doing. So, I’ll bet some folks are actually not getting what they pay for. Buyer beware, though, eh?


Yeah ok - if you are way above this going rate it’s probably not within market :slight_smile:

Ha! Yes some people come in and think they can charge what really experienced people charge after going through one course or building one basic app. Do the time, then you can charge the $$

@jessefarquhar48 I think your lack of response is because what you are offering is way below market for a quality dev.

I also personally hate coming in at the end of a project as in my experience its often a hot mess. Really recommend getting the coaching upfront - the foundations of your app are so important and will save you a lot of pain down the line (not to mention your app will be way more performant) :slight_smile:


Boom. Best statement I’ve seen in the forum in quite some time. :slight_smile:


I did get coaching at the start. I can do most things. I just a have a few weak points. I have had about 7 people message me offering to help me for $35. I could have gotten the help for free by just making a few ‘need help’ posts (bubble community is great) but i’m now on a shorter time frame than normal so i’m happy to pay a little bit. I’m also working with a non-existent budget :slight_smile: :frowning:

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