Need help with accepting/denying request for a list of users in a repeating group


I am building a social networking type of website and was wondering if someone can hop on a call to help me with an issue regarding accept/deny a request for a user within a repeating group which is also within a repeating group

You can have a data field in your user type that says: approved? With a type of yes/no.

Then, make your repeating group search for all users, then add a constraint of approved? = yes

Could we possibly get on a quick call?

Hey @deeppatel45516,

Unfortunately, that’s not the type of service I offer. I usually respond only within this forum. However, if you’re looking for something like a coaching session I would check out @J805 is one of the official Bubble coaches.

If you have any direct questions about what I responded with please let me know! I’ll respond via the Bubble Forum when I have the time :blush:


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