Need help with adding attribute and variant of a product (shoes)

Hello bubblers,
Need help with the attribute functionality of a product (i.e. shoes in this case).
We are building an e commerce platform and few products includes different attributes such as sizes. (Example one model of trek shoes will ahve multiple sizes US 8, US 9 etc.
For the same do we need to consider each size of shoe pair as a differnt product or we can add one product with size attribute and multiple variants of it.
Please share your knowledge on the same.
Flow is, home page will display a category of say footwear, then category page will show different varieties of shoes (one will be trek shoes) and we want to show only one product of trek shoe where customer can select the size and accordingly the product is added to the cart.
If someone selects 2 trek shoes of size US8 and US9 each then cart page should display 2 records, one for US8 size variant and another for US9 variant.

It will be great if someone can help me with the solution for this.

Thanks in advance!

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