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Need help with an API for creating a Stripe Invoice

I’m an API newbie and would greatly appreciate some help setting one up so I can generate stripe invoices for buyers on my marketplace. There aren’t any plugins available that work so I have to resort to my own API.


I would start by consulting Stripe’s API Documentation for Invoices:

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Thanks, I’ve had a look but still don’t know where to start on my end with API’s

I’d start with authentication

If you are starting out it could be very complicated. Also its incredibly hard to help you if don’t have specific issue. If you have 20$ to invest have a look at the copilot course

I haven’t done it myself but I heard it’s pretty good


If it’s about subscribers, you can use the Stripe Self Service Portal, it works perfectly.

For invoices, have you had a look at the @ZeroqodeSupport 's Stripe Marketplace plugin? It could help and the documentation in great.


Thanks for the reply! I have bought that marketplace plugin and it’s pretty good, especially connecting express accounts. But it only has an invoice retrieval workflow unfortunately.

Thanks Bartek, I might have a squiz at this course if I am not able to get any outside help. Good find!

It’s actually pretty simple. Honestly their flow is pretty odd but once you get it it’s easy.

For invoices you need to create a price item on a customer then an invoice line item using the api, then when you create an invoice it’ll automatically assign that item to that invoice. Be careful because if you have a customerID with something from yesterday where they quite an invoice creation mid way and they come back it will double the items because it pulls items from the customerID. Best practice is to have an invoice page and when it’s not visible and the invoice wasn’t created use stripes API to clear all charges. Then when they go to create another invoice clear it before hand to make sure it’s empty. You can easily make mistakes if you render values client side rather than from the API.

It’s kinda an odd situation rendering the items before the invoice but it’s how they do it🤷‍♂️

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Awesome, thanks Chris! It sounds like you’ve created this API? Would it be possible to show how you’ve done it?

I haven’t create a workflow for invoices yet. However, the first thing that comes to mind is simply create a repeating group that searches data type “reciept”. This data type would have all the fields applicable to an invoice. I find it hard to believe that the info all the info for a receipt isn’t already available on your app from their purchase/order? The only questionable info would be the last four digits of the card used for purchase. However, wouldn’t this info easily be available via bubbles native Stripe plugin (if used for purchase)?

I have added a course for Stripe Integration. It has everything you would need to know on how to integrate Stripe successfully to your application.

I am in the process of adding to it Invoices setup to allow a User to create an invoice with multiple invoice items at different quantities, but what is in the course already is surely enough to get anybody ready to implement any Stripe API they need for their application.

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