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What is the best plugin for creating invoices of purchases on Stripe?

Hi there, I need help for creating invoices, I was trying to use Stripe API Invoice Items plugin but I couldnt make it work properly because of errors, if somebody has advices for me, I would be so glad. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @happy1 welcome to the community!

Different ways of doing this. Below a few suggestions:

  1. Let Stripe handle invoices. They have functionality for this that does not need API calls other than the ones for charging money for a transaction.

  2. Build an invoicing UI or page and show that to your user. You could even get a PDF page printing plugin and send that via email … or just a url to that page

  3. Use a PDF plugin like PDF conjurer from @vini_brito . Below a link to a great post by @Lucien showing how this is done

Hope this helps!