Need help with discount set up on

Hello bubblers,
please I need help with how to automatically set up discount price on

What do you mean? Are you talking about the pricing for Bubble itself or through a payment processor like Stripe?

Thank you lily for answering.
It really means alot.
its for payment processor like stripe.

you can save a generated text “discount code” under each user, and then send it to the stripe plugin you’re using. You can create new discount codes in your stripe dashboard, or you can specify logic within your bubble app. For example, for a 20% discount, you’d write: if user's discount code is valid, charge the amount * 0.8

You can create a backend workflow that checks if the discount code is valid, and then run each instance through that backend workflow as well.

Thank you danny but really I havent done this before but can you show me the process of getting it done?