Bubble + PriceWell: Manage Stripe subscriptions without code

No matter what sort of business you're building, it's important that billing is easy and effortless for your customers. It's also vital to be able to test and adjust your pricing for profit, especially at the MVP stage.

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@theo.goldberg - could you summarise the benefits of using the Pricewell plugin over using the bubble stripe plugin which, on the face of it, seems pretty straightforward? Many thanks!

@stu_bowes - There are a few benefits:

  1. You don’t need to configure webhooks (no extra backend workflows to configure and manage).
  2. You can change pricing without making changes to your bubble app. All existing customers get grandfathered to their existing pricing and new customers will see the new price going forward.
  3. The stripe plugin is outdated so doesn’t support newer features like Stripe Tax. The PriceWell plugin is kept up to date as the latest features come out.