Need help with event detection (repeating group)

Ok so i’ve mad a Data Terminal for a game policing group, fully functioning as I please, however i would like to be able to utilise ‘airalert’ as a popup for when a new call comes into our call center, which people on the civilian data panel can submit, and they arrive on our end just fine.

My idea for the popup is that it gives a red ‘warning!’ when a new call arrives (and is therefore displayed in the repeating group, in order of created time, newest calls appear at top). I would also like to use ‘howler.js’ so that when a call comes through, a sound of my choice is made (I already have understanding of how to use howler, and airalert).

My trouble is though, there isn’t necessarily an event that says something along the lines

‘When new data is added to (whatever data point that the repeating group is displaying),’

My trouble therefore, is that i have no way to initiate a workflow that has the notification and sound in, because i can’t initiate a workflow for data changes being detected.

Here’s what i’ve got going right now, should be simple to get on, leave setup fields empty and select ‘Greater Manchester Police’

Furthermore: here’s some screenshots of the element and its properties

Please help asap, thanks in advance,

It is relatively difficult to find out how many rows the RG is displaying (if its in a responsive mode) or which rows are being displayed (from the user scrolling), and very difficult to know which particular row the user is eyeballing.

You may have more luck by defining the event in a different way, such as:

When the first item of (a list sorted by created date) is no longer (this saved item from a few seconds ago).

Should be doable in a single workflow using the bdk repeatinggroup tools plugin.
I added a quick demo for you. See Demo 3 in this Demo page:
To see the workflow step & design tab here’s the Editor

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