Need help with excluding the first 500 users from a "do a search for users"

Good day everyone. I selected all users for newsletter while trying to send newsletter. Postmark only picked 500. I believe the first 500 were picked in other of how they signed up.

Now I want to send to other users and exclude the first 500. How do I write the conditional statement? do a search for users … need help

Hi there, @ehijiagboneclement… if you add the :items from # operator to the end of a search for users sorted by created date, and you enter 500 after the operator, you should be good to go.


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Thank you. see images for what i have tried so far,. I am not sure how to proceed

The first screenshot looks fine… just click on search for users and sort by created date.

Yes. It worked. Thank you so much

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