Need help with inputs

I’m currently building an application website for a gaming community, I’m stuck at a certain point where when I hit enter on keyboard it doesn’t go to the next group of questions unless I hit the arrow at the bottom which I have set to animate to the next question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like enter functionality you could make an “invisible” button in the same group as your input. You just set up the color to be the same as your background and add the same workflows as your arrow. It’s a hack, but it works.

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alright I’ll try that, thank you

Don’t know if I’m doing this correctly

Almost. The enter functionality needs to reference the input. You can update the database, or set a state, or reset the input but the button needs to have “input x” somewhere in the workflow to be associated to it when you hit enter. I hope that makes sense.

You might want to try setting focus as well. I was able to accomplish something similar by hiding the secondary group, and setting up a workflow for Elements > An element’s value has changed.

I set the element to watch to my input, and for events, I set Element Actions > Set focus to the element I wanted to move to.

Once that was done, when I hit enter from my original input, the next form section (which I specified in my Set focus action, was selected and active.

Hope that helps!


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I appreciate the help I’ll make sure to test that later when I get the chance.

This is the better solution. Thanks for this.

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