Need help with measuring data and creating a sliding scale


I’m using the YouTube API. If you go through my history you can see all the fun I’ve been having.

I’ve gotten it to work! Yay.

Now, I need to measure the YouTube stats and assign points based on the number that the user has.

How it works:

A challenge is created by an admin. It has a hashtag. This hashtag needs to be present in the users video.

When the user uploads a video within the time constraints of the challenge to YouTube, with the challenges hashtag, they come back to the app to submit their challenge.

Once the conditions are met and a users uploaded video is deemed valid, the user ‘completes’ this challenge and the stats start tracking immediately, and every 12 hours thereafter.

Now, inside the challenge is also a comment, like, view, and subscriber threshold.

If the user’s video for this challenge passes those thresholds, the user needs to be awarded points.

If the user passes 10% greater than the threshold, but less than 20%, they are awarded 10 points.

If the user passes 20% greater than the threshold but less than 40%, they are awarded 20 points.

Rinse and repeat. That’s the idea.

Now, I need help creating this structure and am more than willing to pay handsomely if someone wants to swoop on in.

We can set up a meeting, I can walk you through everything, and we can go from there.

However, if you feel like you have the answer and just want type it out… that is just as appreciated.

I would love any and all help. I have a deadline coming up and it’s getting crazy.

The application is about 80% done, but it feels like it will never end.

Thanks so much for any and all assistance. Cheers!

Maybe a nice little bump will help :slight_smile: