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Need help with multiple checkboxes


I’m new and hope this is not too silly.
I have tried already the existing entries but I didn’t understand how to apply those solutions to my case.

I have created a page with a repeating group which contains a list of possible personal interests stored in the database. The repeating group looks like this:

Once the users have checked one or more items and have pressed the “Save” button, I would like to add the checked items to a list of personal interests for the current user.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Ok so what you do is assign a value to each checkbox. This should be a Yes/No value. If checkbox is checked then workflow adds fine dining to list of interests.

No silly questions here. I was asking the same things just a month ago.

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Hi Brad,

Thanks for your help.
I’m not sure I understand how to assign a value to each checkbox. I only see this:

what I am supposed to use to assign the value?
(Please note also that I haven’t used the checkbox label as I wanted the text for each checkbox to come from the database)


In the preset status dropdown, choose “dynamic”. If you have created a field in the database for each preference that is “boolean” (yes/no) it should work.

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