Need help with pdfgeneratorapi. Quickly. Will pay


Update from api2pdf (amazing support btw). They will include delays in their next version. They tested it and it works. See below.

Hi, thanks for the link with the delay idea. We are building a v2 and can build it in. I tested on our internal build and it does work.

It will be some weeks before v2 is ready for early access beta though.

I’ve asked to become a beta tester. So if there is anything interesting, I’ll update the community.

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That’s great news. I can explain to my current users that it’s a work in progress and they can print shorter reports in the mean time.

Thank you. I’ll be looking for feedback when you’ve been notified they’ve released v2.


So they said they would add me to the beta. I’m make a new thread about it when I know more and have tested their new features.


Nice. Please tag me on it when you do so I don’t miss it.