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How to get data from one page to another?

what I want do is whenever my user enters the name of the file and click upload I want that name to be displayed in the first cell of repeating group which is present.the repeating group is present on another page.So please help me how can I do it?

What have you tried so far? Can you share a link to your editor so we can see what you did?

That link takes me to the website, but not to the editor. If you send the editor link, we can take a look at how you have things currently set up. You can get the editor link by copying the URL when you’re making changes in your app.

Doesn’t look like he has the editor public, I just constructed the editor link myself and didn’t get access.

Sorry for posing the wrong link.Maybe this is the right one

You can try this link sir

Hey @rohamhad98 :slight_smile: If you click “Everyone can edit” for the Application Rights, then we can take a look at the app in the editor. The app is set to Private right now since we can’t access the editor.

Ok I did it.Pls take a look.

I have made my app public pls take a look and help me

I have made my app public pls take a look and assist me

Your setup looks correct for uploading the file, and the repeating group searches for Uploaded Notes; the only step left is to add a constraint and sort by filter so that the repeating group shows the Current User’s notes, and is sorted from newest to oldest. There are a couple ways to do this. On your profile page, you can add a search constraint which only searches for notes Created by the Current User:

Then add a sort by filter which sorts the results by Created Date:

The Sort By filter will then show the Current User’s newest note in the first cell, and sort the results newest to oldest. If this was changed to Descending: “No”, the RG would show the oldest note in the first cell, and sort the notes by oldest to newest.

The first way of doing a search is usually fastest for repeating groups, but you can also create a list of Uploaded Notes on the User Data Type:

Then adjust the workflow for when a file is uploaded which adds that file to the User’s list of UploadedFiles (Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User, Field to Change: Uploaded Notes add Result of Step 1: Create a New Uploaded Note):

Then your repeating group data source could change to:

Either data source option will show the Current User’s results in the repeating group (and if you use the Do A Search for Method, you may use the list of Uploaded Notes for other purposes later on). :slight_smile:


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