Need help with Rules for content on things

In my app I have organizations that I want to link to sub organizations. So if you are part of the Parent Organization you can only see sub organizations that belong to it. I have created a field that shows the parent organization in the table for sub organizations.

How can I restrict that users can only view data for the organization they belong to?

Further to this, in the sub organization, the user can create or change/delete data depending on the user. Can this be restricted? I have a create and a change/delete button for the pages that allow this. They should then also only be able to delete data for the parent organization and sub organization they belong to.

This is handled in bubble using the Privacy tab in the Data tab. You have to set up roles for each organisation and then you can determine what fields they can see/edit/search etc.

Hi Patricia.

I have gone through the roles/rules concept. But every attempt did not work. That was initially my first idea.

Is there any training anywhere on how to use roles except for the Bubble Manual that only has one example. I have already purchased and gone through 2 udemy courses that were both very basic concepts and none of them touched on roles/rules at all.

I am also struggling to get a user to see only data based on his organization. I have a table entry for this but not sure how to get this to work in bubble.

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So, I got my answer from a template app. It seem you need to create a new Field in the data type you want to secure. I called my field user and made it a list of. When a user creates a new organization his own username is added to the new field. Then with Privacy i created a role that states the organization must contain the current user value in the field for him to see data being displayed.

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