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I know this question has been asked before, but I just can’t figure out how to fix it.
I’m building an app and my privacy rules are throwing up an error. This is my first build and I struggling to get it to work.

My app is split into 2 parts. A User has a personal app that allows them to control their data.
I also have an admin dashboard for companies to control all linked user accounts.

My Users can be contractors so they may share with multiple companies and they may want to restrict some of the data they share depending on the company. So I created a Thing called “Employee” and used this to link the User to the various companies. The user can control how much info they want to share with the respective company and if they ever leave the company, the company will still have access to the data in the Employee account.

  • User - has a field linked to an Employee list,
  • Employee - has fields linked to a User and a Company list.
  • Company - has a field linked to an Employee list.

I have created custom filters for each company but the privacy rules are preventing me from
enabling auto-binding.

Is there a way to get around this?

Hi there, @rory.mulligan… that privacy rule limitation is one of the first things I ran into when I started using Bubble four years ago, and the only way I have ever known to get around it is to add more fields to my data types. In your case, could you add a field to the User data type that stores a list of companies to which a user belongs?

Regardless of whether or not the suggestion above works, you have to eliminate the second degree of separation between the data types in order to get around that limitation.

Hope this helps.



Thanks @mikeloc, I’ve got it working now.

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