Reset relevant inputs error started this morning


I was using my app (in development mode) all day yesterday and early into this morning and it was working fine. On one of my pages, I have a “reply to comment” button and a multiline input box where the user types their response. Once they hit “reply to comment”, it will set the value of the input box back to blank because my workflow has “reset relevant inputs” when I click the “reply to comment” button. This was working fine until just now. Now when I click the “reply to comment” button, it sends me to the bottom of the page and refreshes my search box at the very top (which holds the information where the messages/comments are attached to via the database) and everything is reset. This issue just started randomly for me about 10 minutes ago and I haven’t changed anything since using it last time when it was working properly.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?

Hi, :wave:t2:

Maybe by mistake you change some workflow ?

Can you send me a picture of the worfklow in the editor?

Just to note, I didn’t change the workflow at all. I really just need the functionality to where I can select the exact thing to reset, that way I can pick and choose exactly what I want to reset if they aren’t the same group (for example: a button at the bottom of the screen is pressed, and resets a search bar’s typed text at the top of the screen)


You can group the input inside a new group only to reset it (can name it like Group reset X input or something similar to easily remember that) and also you can group more elements if you need it later.

Then, use the workflow action Reset data , and select the group that contains your input.

So you will not reset the other inputs, only the one that you have inside this new group.

This did the trick! Thank you!

You’re welcome ! :+1:t2:

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