Need help with SendGrid PLEASE

Hi All

I am feeling very despondent. Been working on my app for many months and have finally gone live. Even got it on my new website. But now I want to set up custom emails using sendgrid. When I attempt to verify the SendGrid key I get the following error. Please help - my head is spinning from all the articles and videos.

With much gratitude


The error message is saying that the email address you’re trying to send the email from is not a verified sender ID in Sendgrid…

So, presumably, you either haven’t verified the email address in your Sendgrid account, or you’ve done it incorrectly.

So start with verifying the email in Sendgrid, or if you’ve already done so check it’s been done correctly.

If you’re sure you’ve done all of that the it’s probably best to reach out directly to Sendgrid to see if there is any additional problem.

Yeah, you will need to verify your email (that you want to send from) with Sendgrid.

You can either do it as a whole domain (which means messing with your DNS settings)

or a Single email (which is a little easier).

Then generate the API key and put into the Bubble field on Settings/Email.

We can get it sorted for you :slight_smile:

Hi Nigel - thank you - I am working on it but feel like I am messing it up. When you say at the end of your message we can sort it out for you, would you be able to assist?

This below is the error I get now as I am attempting to set up in SendGrid and buble:

So from what I can see, there are no CNAME records for

You will need to go into your Domain provider and add them. So whereever you got your domain from.

Thank you Nigel. I did add them, but got the same response. So I must be doing something wrong when I am adding them.

Can you screen shot what you have?