Need help with workflow conditionals

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to register users and I added them a ‘username’ field which I want to be unique value.
What I did, was creating one ‘username’ field to keep exact value which user passed during registration, and second one ‘username_lowercase’ which stores the same value but lowercase (who would guess? :P) This way I can acheive case insensivity while checking if username already exists.

The idea behind this is to compare new user input (trimmed and lower-cased) with values in db.

I prepared a workflow, triggered when register button is clicked and when condition is met (I thought it will work like this). The condition for username uniqueness is on the screen above.

As I’m relatively new to bubble, I thought that when condition is not met then the workflow will end on this step, but unfortunately, workflow goes further as if there nothing happened and registers next user with the same username.

Below one more screen from inspector, which shows that condition is not met, because there is already a user with the same username.

PS. It doesn’t matter if I place condition on event (when button is clicked) or on action (sign the user up).


Thank you in advance!

Hi there, @Dawid… the first thing that came to mind when I read your post is that privacy rules could be tripping you up here, specifically this privacy rule. So, that’s the first thing I would check if I were you.


Hey @mikeloc this was it probably, but this condition didn’t work on button click trigger. I had to move it to Sing the user up action.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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