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Need help writing to database with list called from api source

Thanks for all your help on this thread. I got my API info to populate perfectly in the database. :slight_smile:

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Hey @louisadekoya I tried following this thread, and it seems to me that I have it set up the same way, but unfortunately not working.

I’ve got a button to schedule an API workflow:

That triggers my Airtable API GET call and then schedules a “workflow on a list” called add-free-trials:

Here’s the add-free-trials endpoint settings:

And finally, here’s the “create new thing” step settings in the endpoint:

Unfortunately, the results are all of the names being added into one database entry 5 times:

Hi Jack,

In your second screenshot, try setting pName to “This record’s Name”.



Wow that fixed it haha. Spent so much time messing with it! Thanks a bunch.

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Hello Jack,

In your second screenshot, TYPE OF THING → Airtable API call record … is this a type in your bubble database?

I’m trying to undertand how to define the type of thing for schedule API workflow, when my call to API (your step 1) is not returning one of mine database types

I would suggest that Bubble add a training video on writing API data into databases. Some applications may pull quite a bit of data on an initial load for an application (e.g. registered users to a webinar could be upwards of 1000) and pulling that data multiple times is a bit of a PITA. Storing it would be more useful and this would be a great training video.

Love this forum - full of good ideas!