Need some help with connecting with outside service

For the first time, I am attempting to use API for a math app idea to help students with math equations and graphs. I found and they offer connection through their API.

So, I created a group (ID=calculator) of 600x400 and added 2 HTML elements into the page as below.

In the preview page, however, nothing appears.
What am I missing? Am I doing this wrong?

Looking forward to any help desperately…

Try moving the <script src="https://www.desmos.....></script> bit to your page’s headers. You can select the page itself from the elements tree and paste it into the page headers section there.

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Hey @atomicfusion, thanks for your trying to help me out. Unfortunately, I am not getting anything except blank page.

I pasted the code to the page header box but nothing happens. Would you be kind enough to walk me through how I can achieve this on my page? :sob:

If you’re on a free plan you can’t customize your page headers and that just silently fails. But see my LOADERR plugin to allow you to load scripts in that scenario.


Hi Keith, thanks for offering me a helping hand.
I installed your LOADERR after watching your video and followed your instruction, but found nothing happening, but instead I’ve got a bunch of error messages as attached, which I have no idea what it tells me.

I just left everything as in shown in my question at the top, except adding your LOADERR where I added URL of the script.

Hmmm… Am I hopeless?