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LOADERR: Load JavaScript Libraries Plugin

Another “freebie” for you: LOADERR loads JavaScript libraries… even on a free plan.

Video docs to come. In the meantime, as you know, my plugs are pretty much self-documenting. RTFM!

ALSO, LOADERR has the cutest/coolest preview yet seen:

(The number of “pew pew pew”'s coming out of Han’s blaster is the same as the number of scripts you’re loading. Now that’s a UX, amirite?)


Nice one @keith appreciate the double plugin drop. This one looks interesting, be interested to see a quick video walkthrough when you have the time. Again much appreciated.

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Hey @luke2: Yeah, I’ll do one of those shortly. Just pushed a minor update and demo page that I’ll use in the video.


And here you go: A little live Bubbling and talky exposition about LOADERR:

(Link to video on Loom:

The demo app I’m working with is here:

Edit mode:

Run mode:

(@luke2, @ambarlamedya)