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Need Testing and Feedback on new Bubble app KLIKPRO

Hello Bubblers!

I just created my app KLIKPRO and would like to ask you all if you could kindly take a minute to test the app and let me know your thoughts. Any suggestions to make the app better would be greatly appreciated… There are still some missing pieces such as payments I have yet to set up. The app will hopefully be launched in the next few days :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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I will continue testing but two things i noticed off the bat are that the get “started button” at the buttom doesnt work and also that when filling out a listing as a seller I needed to change some info from the preview screen and it erased all my info i had previously entered. site overall looks clean tho!

Looks good, did not sign up.
Please fix the loren ipsum before launch.
Remember add the Favicon

Thanks so much for taking the time to test, really appreciate it. I am still quite new to Bubble but loving it like crazy :slightly_smiling:

I fixed the Started Button and will push that live shortly. Still trying to figure out how to retain previously entered information so it does not erase info, one of the challenges I am currently facing. Any ideas how to do that in Bubble?

Thanks again!

Thanks much for taking the time to look… Will definitely fix those before launch :slightly_smiling:

You could create another thing called preview that has all the same inputs as the final listing. You could attach this to the user for previewing and then have it delete when the actual listing is created. Just have the initial content for the inputs set to the previews values.

Also, you should fix your page width, right now it’s too wide, which means the user can scroll horizontally, which is a bit strange. See attached

Thanks Emmanuel… I set the page width to 1300px which defaults to custom, when set to fullwidth it is set to 1200px default. I would like to keep the page width at 1300px fullwidth centered. How do I do that? I am on a 27" screen and it looks good without having to scroll horizontally until you resize the browser window.


Just make the width at 1300 in the property editor. it get centered automatically.

Thats what I had it set to originally, I just reset it again to 1300px and pushed it live… Could this have something to do with the Hero Image?

What is Hero Image?

The Image at the top of the page :slightly_smiling: Index Page

no, that’s because you have a lost element on the right. See attached.

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Ahhhh I see… But we have a problem, I can’t delete it, something weird with that… Can you delete it on your end?

it’s just you had many groups on the top of each other…

Deleted them

Yikes! Don’t know how that got there, they are gone now… Thanks for spotting that :slight_smile:

Can you please check now? I just pushed the changes live

the width is fine now, but not sure you need me to check that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha… Thanks Emmanuel :smile: Looks good now!

I tried to log in , but nothing happened… red line across the top of the screen, but no change in the page, no redirect…