Need tips on database structure 🤔

Hey guys!

I’m am building an app where Company can create an Advert for the Freelancers. Many freelancers can show their interest by clicking “show interest” (not really though, but you get the point). The thing is that there can be many phases/status for the Advert in the freelancer dashboard. (E.g. “showed interest”, “contacted”, “agreed on terms” etc.) and there can be many freelancers contacting the Company at the same time, all having different status/phase of the SAME Advert so having a field on data type Advert called Status can’t work.

What I did is created extra data type called “status” with fields: Advert = Advert , Freelancer = User, Status = Option set status.

Of course there is also a field Status = list of statuses on the Advert type.

Data source on the RG in the freelancer dashboard is set up this way:

Current User’s List of Adverts Status:filtered Adverts ,where filtered: freelancer = current user, status = picked status

see screen below: (different naming, but the same structure)


Now, It looks like it’s working fine for, but maybe there is a better, more efficient in the long term, way to do it.

Any tips would be great! Thanks

can’t wait for all the fun with conditionals :frowning: