Need to increase date in intervals in a repeating group

Hi friends, I am having trouble trying to create an increment of one month to the current date. I need these to be displayed in subsequent cells. Say, cell 1 shows jan 20, cell 2 shows feb 20 and so on. Can someone please help with this?

What is appropriate depends on what else you want to do with the repeating group and dates and how many to show, etc. One easy solution is

Toolbox’s List of Numbers; start: 0, length: 20, increment: 1
RG; type of content: number, data source: list of numbers’ list
In the cell: Group; type of content: date, data source: current date/time +months: current cell’s number
In the group: text; showing parent group’s date.

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Can you please share screenshots on how this can be done using a list of dates with Toolbox? so that we can use the list of dates as RG data source.

Several alternatives …

runtime …
editor …

Can you share more details on how you will be using it?

Hi Mishav, is there a way to return the current cells index back to a specific data field in the database?

Depending on how you’ve setup the RG.

If a button is directly in the cell, the workflow can refer to Current cell’s index.

If the button is inside a group, you may need to have another group in the cell with value Current cell’s index, then the workflow can refer to the new group’s value.

The repeating group is dynamic, It updates in real time. I have a datatype called points of type number. The more the points, the lower the cell index(higher rank). The cells may shift positions depending on the value of points. Now I want to return the current cell’s index value and to a fileld in type user called Rank. How can I achieve this?

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Current cell’s index only makes sense for a workflow initiated from within the cell.

What is the connection between points and a particular user? Defining this will help work out what steps you want the app to take.

When ‘Like’ button is clicked in the current cells user, number of points of that current cells user increases. The points are what determine the current cells position in a repeating group. The higher the points, the better the overall rank of the Cell. Now I have an invisible input A, whose initial value is current cells index. I want that after every five seconds, a change is made to Rank, and this change should be the value of input A(Current cells index.) I cant see this option anywhere

Where the user’s points is being affected by something other than the ‘Like’ button?

Is the Input’s Initial content set to Current cell’s index?

So your data structure looks like:

table: User
field: Points: number, increased by Like button and other means.
field: Rank: number, want this to be the same as position number in the list ordered by Points.

Storing Rank in this way is going to be slow and hard to keep up to date in Bubble, because every time a user’s Points is updated, there are zero, one, or many other users whose Rank also needs updating.

Instead, it is better to keep Rank as dynamic, i.e. work it out when needed.

Outside of a RG, to display a user’s Rank, you can do:

Search for users : count
Constraints: Points >= Current User’s Points

This has a problem where more than one user has the same number of points, how is your Rank decided for that?

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