Passing dates across repeating group cells

Hi folks,

I have a simple case of having a starting date (specified from a date picker outside the repeating group) and, in each RG cell, incrementing this by a specified number of days (representing the number of days spent at the given location - think nights in a hotel).

There is a “start date” and an “end date” in each cell. The start date in cell n+1 needs to be the end date in cell n, etc.

Having trouble thinking of the best way to go about this…

Any ideas welcome!


Anyone have thoughts on this? Feels like there’s a simple solution I’m just not grasping…

I’ve had to do something similar. If you can, add a field “order#” for the thing, numbered 1 - n.
Then try using the cell index# as a way to do a search for the ending date of the previous cell.

So it might be something like…
Beginning Date > initial content
Do a search for Thing’s Ending Date: first item: + (days): 1
Constraint: order# = Current Cell’s Index - 1

Thanks Robert,

I am trying to stay away from hitting the database for this one, as will impact the UX… but may go that route if can’t find a way with custom states.


Have you tried the BDK RepeatingGroup plugin? I think that works without hitting the database.

Perhaps something creative using Math.js?

Good call @robert! That does the trick. @gaurav to the rescue again :sweat_smile:

I used some invisible elements to hold the start date and end date values, and used the RG plugin to extract. Then set the start date of the next cell by referencing the extracted data list:item# previous cells’ index.

Thanks again.

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