Need to send http post

I cant figure out how to trigger an http post. I want to trigger something like this…

I have been messing around with the api plug in but cant find an example on how to set this up. This is a one way post, I’m not looking for anything in return. Should be simple???

Thanks in advance!

It should work with API Connector. Do you have any documentation?

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Thanks for responding! I’m a beginner at this, all I want to do is send to the url. if i paste into my browser and send call loop creates a contact for me. I’m just not sure why its not working in a workflow. Is it because im on not on a live version of my app yet?

You should definitly look into the API Connector.

Please share what you did in API Connector

You say that you copy the URL in browser and it work. This mean it’s a GET request and not a POST. Browser only do get request.
Also, your url parameter should look like ?phone=[phone]&email=[email] an not just the tags.

Perfect I will give that a shot! Thank You!

Made the changes and it did not work :frowning:

here is the url in the connector[phone]&email=[email]&first=[first]&last=[last]

Which error do you get?
Did you set response Data type to empty ?

I checked the documentation of call loop and you need to set it to POST. GET is only to use with a browser. POST will work in API connector