Need to show total only on the first instance of group within a Repeating Group

I have a repeating group that reads a status table. Within each cell of the RG, I have a group that uses conditions to format the color background to that of the status color. I’d like to show a count of all records with a certain color on the first group that has that color and not on any subsequent ones. I’m not seeing a clear path forward. First item doesn’t work here.

Any ideas? Example below.

Hello @treb.gatte

only if current cell’s color is rg’s color item#1

How do I determine if it’s #1 for each color? Unfortunately I can’t use grouping as that makes each color segment the same length.

What I need is a previous value to compare the current value to but I don’t see a way to do this.

If you share screenshots folks, including me, can get a better idea of where you are and perhaps provide better suggestions :smiley:

Hi @cmarchan, are you not seeing the image I included in my first post? That’s end state desired.

If you need a screenshot of my RG and Group setup, I’ll get that.

Much appreciated!

Screenshots of expressions and dB model :smiley:

Ok, here’s the background. I originally tried this in a TreeMap visual using a chart plugin. It did almost everything I needed. One requirement though, was the ability to click a segment and have it filter the table displayed beneath this visual. The chart plugin didn’t support click events.

So, in this configuration, I have a repeating group that is reading the project table. No grouping, just sorted on the Latest Project Status Value. Each row of the repeating group contains a group that simply changes color based a condition on what the current cell’s value is.

This enables me to emulate a chart where each color segment is a different length. I can click on the group and do the filtering.

What I can’t do is show the count for the range of color yet. If I group the underlying data, each segment is the same exact length and that’s no good. Thanks for your help!

How are you doing the count?

Currently, I have a separate RG that does the grouping/count and shows the count above this line. If I nest the bar RG into the grouping RG, I get equal length segments which fails the requirement.

Hey @cmarchan I may have found a potential way to do this using @alex4 ChartJS plugin. Not sure how I didn’t see this plugin earlier.

The 100% stacked bar chart seems like it may do what I need it to do. It supports the click event, shows the data label, and I think I can hide the grid/series labels as well. That would tick all of the boxes and I avoid a brittle solution to maintain. :grinning:

Thanks for your help!

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