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πŸ• NoCodeMinute - Free 1-Minute Tutorials for Bubble

Hey everyone! :wave: I am creating a YouTube channel of :clock1: 1 minute videos that will go over tips and tricks for bubble. These will help get you going on bubble and share little secrets that make building your web app easier.

I will be posting them as I make them. I already have plenty of tips lined up so please subscribe to my channel. My goal is 1,000+ subscribers so please help out if you can! :man_technologist:

Once I get enough videos I will make a website as well. This will take time to build a database though. :slight_smile:

I have been teaching for over 27 years and been bubbling since 2016 so I figure this is a good use of my skills. Enjoy the free bubble tutorials!


  1. Easy Spacing with Elements:
  2. Responsive Design 1:
  3. Responsive Design 2:
  4. Tips and Tricks 1:
  5. Find a Color:
  6. Error Checking:
  7. Image Uploader Improvements:
  8. Image Uploader Uploading Improvements:
  9. Importance of Responsiveness:
  10. Collapse All Groups:
  11. Finding a Color Palette:
  12. Adding an Icon to Text Element:
  13. Make Your Design Make Sense 1:
  14. Make Your Design Make Sense 2:

Tutorial - Grocery List App (New)

  1. Making a Grocery List - Part 1:
  2. Making a Grocery List - Part 2:
  3. Making a Grocery List - Part 3:
  4. Making a Grocery List - Part 4:
  5. Making a Grocery List - Part 5:
  6. Making a Grocery List - Part 6:
  7. Making a Grocery List - Part 7:
  8. Making a Grocery List - Part 8:
  9. Making a Grocery List - Part 9:
  10. Making a Grocery List - Part 10:

For all the videos in a playlist:


This looks wonderful @J805!! Love the cool video character in the bottom right corner! Looking forward to watching and congratulations on the launch!! :grinning: :rocket: :sparkles:


Thanks! I have a lot more coming down the line. I’m hoping to put out one a day. Thanks for your support @fayewatson!

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Looks good, nice work!

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Good stuff!

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Thanks for the support! It’s appreciated. Going to try to do some more videos. Hope they can be short and sweet and to the point. :+1:

Thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback. :slight_smile:

Nice video! Clear explanation!

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Thank you! Looking forward to making a lot more videos. Hope to keep them entertaining as well. Have a lot of ideas :bulb:!

Congrats Jason! Nice format :wink:

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Thanks @mattmazzega! Much appreciated. :blush:

Nice work, and also subscribed to your youtube channel.

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Nicely done, crisp and to the point. Subscribed to your channel, hope you exceed your goals with this one !!

Thanks @ken I hope it will be helpful to every trying to learn bubble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jagdish_bajaj Thanks for subscribing! I have a lot to share. There are a lot of things that I will share that I wish I would have know when I started learning Bubble. :slight_smile: Hope it is helpful to all those learning Bubble. :+1:

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Just added video #2:
You will laugh at the end. Haha. :joy:

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Lets be putting these comments on his channel as well to boost his ranking and view velocity :slight_smile:

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:pray: Thanks! That would be great! Good idea :bulb:

Just posted a new video for Responsive design tips. Hope this is helpful. Please help me out by subscribing to my channel so I can keep making videos for you all. Enjoy! :man_technologist:

Just added another video. This was so helpful for me when I figured this tip out. Just wanted to share. Enjoy! Please subscribe to keep the videos coming. :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone that has subscribed so far! You are the best!

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