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Nested Data Type not appearing in list. List is only commas

Hey all!

I would really appreciate some help! I have been laboring for ~2 weeks to get my values to appear in a list. The list is created, the commas are place, but there are no values. For example, in stead of… Result: One, Two, Three - or - 1, 2, 3 - I only get Result: , ,

Pictures are details below. Please reach out to me if any more information is required! Any ideas are appreciated!

There is an Answer Data Type

Every Question Data Type has an Answer

Every submission has a list of Questions and with Answers (List of responses)

When Display Fields for Answer Data Type is set to any value type (i.e. number, text, etc.) and Question Data Type is set to Answer.

The List of Answers is “sensed” but no values are listed. Only the appropriate number of commas are displayed!

Pinging myself hoping to get help!