Nested Repeating groups and saving/editing/deleting records

I’ve built a table using nested repeating groups. I’m trying to figure out how to edit/save and delete records.

Database Structure for the RGs in question.
I have a Data Type called Statistic where the company defines stat name and type (#, $, or %) as well as other things. The actual data itself is in a separate data type called Stat Data which is linked to the Statistic.

On the page i have a RG that is fixed at one row and has a data source of Statistic so all the columns are each statistic for that Company and Department. Then in the column I have three repeating groups that have the data source of Stat Data with the constraint that Statistic = Parent Group’s Statistic.

I have three repeating groups that show and hide depending on the cell index of the Statistic RG.
The first Stat Data RG which shows the User and Date along with the data is shown when the Statistic RG cell index is 1 (this is column 1 or the header).
The second Stat Data RG which shows the data only is shown when the Statistic RG cell index is in the middle columns.
The third Stat Data RG which shows the data and has a delete and edit button is shown when the Statistic RG cell index is the last count of the repeating group (so the last column or footer).

This all works and looks great. (I did have to use ListShifter to secondary sort by Name).

Ok, so now I want the user to hit Edit which then shows the edit mode groups (styled just like the text groups), Save Button and a Delete button.

Delete should be able to delete all the records in the row. The inline edit mode should be able to save all the records in the row with the Save button

Again, the row is in 3 different RGs. In this example the Name, Date and $ Collected are in the first RG, The # NP Seen, # LC, $ Refunded are in the middle RG, and the % Conversion and Delete and Edit Button are in the Last RG.

Here is the hierarchy

. Solutions Tried:

This does not work because I cannot reference the User inside the first (header) RG

  1. Tried autobinding with placeholder names and dates for the RG’s that don’t display that info. The place holder name and date reference the first RG name and date through workflows and custom states. I could get that all matching but since the user isn’t actually changing that data the auto binding doesn’t work.

  2. Tried when this input changes or when this dropdown changes but since the user isn’t changing anything, even though it’s referencing the changed input/dropdown, it isn’t saving.

The thing I haven’t tried is to have just save and delete buttons in each cell and just have the user change each name and date and data for each cell. But that’s really not a good solution because if the user does it incorrectly, then all the Stat Data’s will be messed up and the ListShifter won’t work properly.

I haven’t made the input form yet, but I’m also thinking this will be a problem since it will be nested RGs as well.

I’ve been searching on the forum but I haven’t seen a solution.

Any ideas?


I realized that I could do “when this input changes” and update that input, the date pulled from the url parameter, and the user from the custom state. That works if the user is updating the #s But if the user only wants to change the user or date (which the users often input the wrong dates), then I have no way of associating that date change or user change to the other records that need that date or user updated because they are in different repeating groups

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