Updating cells in an RG with a button outside the RG

I have People and Comms (e.g. phone numbers, email etc) Data Types . I have a Repeating Group showing related Comms records for the selected person. The Comms Type includes a List field storing linked People. Comms records are added with a button in the RG’s parent group. Input elements in the RG facilitate editing with no auto binding. All good.

The issue I have is - how do I click a button outside the repeating group to update multiple linked comms records in the repeating group - i.e. transfer data from the Input elements in each cell to the linked Comms record? 2019-03-26_01-34-25

The exact same issue is described here - without a solution being forthcoming >How To Have A Workflow For a Button Outside Repeating Group Intended To Control Data Within It?

you can solve this with custom states

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Hi @hiface, you should use auto binding in combination with custom States for this to work the way you want. You could easily customize those inputs to appear as a normal text, (and inactive) when ‘edit mode’ is not enabled, then when the ‘edit mode’ is ON, we can now enable the inputs so we can make edits. I think this should work.

Yes I am aware that auto-binding is one option but then you have no control over ‘committing’ the changes as each record in the repeating group will be updated as it is edited. Regarding custom states - yes I am doing that already. I was hoping to have a single set of buttons (edit, add, delete, save, cancel) that would work for the parent record as well as records in repeating groups e.g. click Save and any changes to the parent record AS WELL AS changes to repeating groups (comprising related records) will be saved. I suspect I need to change that approach so that not everything is in ‘edit mode’ at the same time.