[TEMPLATE] For those wondering what bubble can do 😉

Hey there Bubblers,

Just got asked about what Bubble can do and of course, its limits :face_with_monocle:. Being initially sceptical about no-code seems to be a natural instinct. I still remember my scepticism in the beginning about how far can I go with no-code and I wonder if we can turn things around 🪄 with some valid demo.

Here’s a page showcasing all the no-code sites that are super promising/successful/pretty/userfriendly:

For those who wanna get this no-code portfolio page for their own site - here’s the link to copy.


Got asked about the data so let’s make the database public! :woman_technologist:t2:

Here are the gems :gem: I found super promising and inspiring for your references,
(for all other new-coders, sorry for my bubble-biased list)
(for bubble fans, find more gems simply by searching app of the day. It’s also possible to submit your apps to Bubble for showcase - so you know what to do if you want more peeps to know about your site! :wink:)

Name Description Link to site No-code tool
Illumin8 Illumin8 provides accounting and bookkeeping services that went beyond compliance. https://www.illumin8.com.au Webflow
Werk Remote Work Toolkit for the New Era. Live Voice. Async Voice. Chat. Task. HyperDocs. And more. https://www.usewerk.com/ Webflow
Kinetic Kinetic is an app that helps startups create meaningful relationships. https://joinkinetic.com/ @kris3 Bubble
Sigful Sigful is an SMB and Enterprise email signature marketing and management software that features a custom embedded signature generator that allows businesses to create email signatures and promo banners. https://sigful.com/ Bubble
ChatParse.AI ChatParse.AI is an app that provides out-of-box NLP AI models. https://www.chatparse.ai/ Bubble
EasyQ EasyQ is an app that helps businesses manage physical queues at their locations. https://easy-q.co/ Bubble
Atlancer Atlancer.com is an app that connects freelancers with businesses. https://atlancer.com/ Bubble
Strabo Strabo is an app that helps users track and view their financial portfolios. https://www.strabo.app/ Bubble
SimpleLive Add livestreaming & video call functionality to your
website or app in minutes, not weeks.
https://www.simplelive.co/ Bubble
Writier Compose amazing content in seconds with the help of
AI-powered sentence completions.
https://writier.io/ Bubble
Flowmingo Webflow training & templates to help you build impressive sites without code. https://www.flowmingo.co/ Webflow
CodeMap Hire curated no-code/low-code & automation talent, remote and on-demand https://codemap.io/ Bubble
Userloop Collect customer feedback at the perfect moment with our Shopify post-purchase surveys. https://userloop.io/ Bubble
Top 50 Slack Search our database of over 3000 niche Slack groups to help you learn, network and connect. New groups are added weekly! https://www.top50slack.com/ Softr
Tiny Acquisitions Where the BEST tiny projects are acquired. https://tinyacquisitions.com/ Bubble
Sizely Create Size Charts that reduce returns and keep your customers happy. https://www.size.ly/ Webflow , Zapier
tims 200+ hand curated FREE tools for indie-makers, side-hustlers and entrepreneurs. https://www.gettims.co/ Airtable
Scribly.io Scribly.io is a content marketing agency offering scalable content marketing services for every business type. Boost traffic and generate leads, all for a simple monthly fee. No contracts. No hiring. No hassle. https://www.scribly.io/ Webflow
Remi Remi helps remote and distributed teams stay close and connected, through powerful rituals. https://remi.so/ Bubble
Newsletter OS Curate, write, grow and monetize your newsletter with this comprehensive system https://newsletteros.com/ Notion
Paytable Paytable lets you easily add a members area to your site to sell secure access to Airtable, Notion, Coda, Sheets & more. Purpose built to monetise Research & Info products. https://paytable.io/ Bubble
goodgigs Get new opportunities with mission-driven companies delivered weekly to your inbox. https://goodgigs.app/ Bubble
Civilization VI Nocode tools are often viewed as primitive website builders. So I rebuilt Civilization VI and published the largest Webflow project ever featuring 12,400 elements, 1,800 styles, 1,200 assets, and 400 interactions. civilization - Webflow Webflow
Wun Your Virtual ID Card For The Metaverse https://wun.vc/ Bubble
Health Builder Find the best nutritionist near you
1000+ Nutritionists all over India.
https://healthbuilder.in/ Bubble
Learkn The world’s marketplace for digital educational resources. https://learkn.com/ Bubble
RosterBuddy Weekly Cleaning Schedule Generator. Tired of managing the household chore list? RosterBuddy will allocate jobs to people in your household, so you don’t have to. https://rosterbuddy.app/ Bubble
Shaar Shaar is a freelance market that connects organizations with faith-driven creatives. What’s the next creative project you’d like to cross off your to-do list? https://shaar.io/home Bubble
Greenlink Manage brand enquiries from all of your social media platforms in one place https://www.greenl.ink/ Bubble
Subsocket SubSocket offers an elegant integration into PayPal’s powerful billing engine to implement recurring and one-time payments into your app without a single line of code. https://www.subsocket.io/ Bubble

And if you guys got any sites that are worth checking out or ideas that can expand my imagination on no-code can build - please let me know - I’ll add that to my list for the showcase :star_struck:


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