New App: whats possible?

Hi, i am trying to build an internal app that does the following: employees need to be able to select certain insurance policies, after which the dashboard in this case should display all sorts of information: characteristics, numbers, clauses and so forth. How do I build such a thing/ what is the best way to tackle this? I currently have such a dashboard in Excel, where i mainly use the Xlookup function…

A super oversimplified explanation: Probably start by sketching out what you imagine the different pages to be. Then build them. Then hook up logic.

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Thanks. Actually it needs to be a one page dashboard: type in the specific activity, and get immediate characteristics of the policy that is attached to that specific activity. I read something about using grouped tables. Would you recommend that?

This advice makes the most sense.

Just draw out what you want.

Do you want a single dropdown that contains all policies? Then your user can select one and you display the associated information right below?

Or do you want the display all policies? Then the user can click any one policy and your page will display the information for it?

Or is it something else?

What you want your behavior to be will help dictate what you end up building and coding.

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