New PayPal recurring payments plugin!

Hi All,

I have a friend who is willing to make a plugin that can offer a subscription based service using PayPal.

Recurring payments are only available with Stripe or Braintree that are only available in limited countries. This plug-in will be able to be used anywhere in the world such as places like India, China, Africa etc.

Before he makes this plugin he wants to know if anyone would be interested in using it?


Yeah, I’d be interested.

Same here!

I am interested too , sane problem for me when i am trying to use stripe ,braintree , cobubble made a plugin , but i think plugin doesn’t contain a subscription

Count me in.

any update ?

Unfortunately my friend has found other priorities so this has taken the back seat. But seeing that there is some interest in this, maybe @levon might be interested in making this plugin? Will keep you guy’s updated if anything changes.

i have added this to our list and we’ll consider building it. Can’t commit on any ETA though.
Will update if we progress



@levon , i hope you are doing great , any update for this plugin ?


not yet, I’m afraid, it’s in our roadmap but I can’t provide an ETA unfortunately


@levon any news on that ? :slight_smile:

It’s already available.

@nocodeventure thanks!
@coup yes, here is the link

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You’re a champion Levon. This is a game changer for me. Thank you!