New Browser Tab - in Tab Element

Anyone here knows how to trigger the Plugin: “Open URL In Custom Window” to open within a Tab Element (Element Template)?
Or Do you know any other way to trigger a new tab within the app - not on an outside pop up?
I want to be able to control to go from 1 tab to the next just like the Tab Element.

Hello @abbr3212

On this video focus on the navigation aspect of going from tab to tab

Hi @cmarchan,
Thanks for that,
However I’m looking form something else, I changed this title to “New Browser Tab - in Tab Element”,
I’m looking to add a browser tab within the app, not just any kind of tab,
Is there any way of doing that?

Hello @abbr3212

  • Install the toolbox plugin
  • On a click of the element that you want clicked … use the action “run javascript” which is made available when you install the plugin in your app
  • Use the following code:‘your_tab_url_goes_here’,’_blank’)

This will open your content in a new browser tab :wink:

Hi @cmarchan,
Thanks for that, you really know your stuff!
I’m not familiar with Java at all…
I created a workflow when Tab A is clicked (Plugin:) “Run Javascript”, Do I replace the your_tab_url_goes_here with the actual URL, and then it should open a browser window with the mentioned URL?
I really want to open it within the Tab A… is that possible, is that what’s supposed to happen?